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ID error categorization

Following are the error categories that are typically included in a defect tracking mechanism.

  1. Instructional Objectives Error
  2. Instructional Sequence Error
  3. Content Chunking Error
  4. Sentence Construction
  5. Grammatical Error
  6. Spelling Error
  7. Punctuation Error
  8. Inappropriate User Instruction
  9. Objective-Practice-Assessment Mismatch
  10. Inappropriate Transitional Flow
  11. Concept-Visualization Mismatch
  12. Irrelevant Graphics
  13. Component Display (Rule-Example Prescriptions etc.)
  14. Unrealistic Scenario/Case Study
  15. Storyboarding Instructions
  16. Inappropriate Headings, Labels and Titles
  17. Inappropriate Summary/Key Points
  18. Non-Adherence to Project Specific Guidelines

April 10, 2007 - Posted by | education, elearning, instructional design

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