things we know best are the things that we havent been taught…

Preparing an ILT

keep the following structure in mind while creating an ILT.

Facilitator Guide
Overview: Aim | Objectives | Key learning | Knowledge Assumed

Agenda: Session numbers | Description (Name) | Estimated time for each of the sessions with Breaks

Resources & Preparations:

  1. Key technical references (links, document index etc)
  2. Facilitator’s preparatory note (e.g. Note that examples are provided in italics to emphasize key learning points..)
  3. Participants’ preparation (prework requirement)
  4. Resources to prepare before learning unit begins (e.g setting up LCD projector, post-its, markers etc)

Session content:

  1. A complete break-up of the session with time, Actions (Introduce the learning unit etc.), further break up of the actions into steps
  2. Actual slides (screenshots of the ppt slides)
  3. Enabling objectives at the end (“By the end of this unit, participants will be able to…“)
  4. Instructional designer’s note on the expected responses from the participants, any group activity (fish bowls etc) to be performed, Question-Answers etc

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