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Learning in Second life

The opportunities:

  • qUse when needing to simulate anything practical
  • qRich media makes learning experience engaging and novelty may also give it appeal
  • qAbility to make learning environment realistic—using 3D rather than just reading text should be beneficial
  • qAllowing learners to practice procedures and connecting more closely to other remote and distributed learners are strengths
  • qEnabling more effective learning in an immersive environment and giving access to distributed employees is valuable
  • qMay be especially effective for business and science learning
  • qMay enable more effective synchronous communication (by using avatars)
  • qEnable more effective “hands-on-learning”
  • qShould be very effective for multi-national military operations
  • qLikely to be very useful and cost effective for use where mistakes can be very costly and require complex interactions between learners and equipment
  • qCan provide more engagement and interaction among distance learners and among peer workers
  • q“Cool appeal”
  • qMight be great for problem-based/case-based learning scenarios—convening collaborative learning groups in richer environment
  • qBetter for self-directed learning—”discovery learning” through wide range of learning resources

The Obstacles:

  • qLack of, or insufficient, learning culture in our organizations
  • qUpfront cost of development
  • qPrevailing (management) accounting mindset (“pay on Monday, deliver Tuesday”)
  • qLack of regular, reliable Internet access
  • qInsufficient bandwidth and necessary PC hardware
  • qUnfamiliarity with 3D spatial orientation and control may be issue
  • qLack of comfort and familiarity of 3D immersive virtual environments by >32 year old workers may be issue
  • qWill these environments give learners opportunity to seek information in real time when they need it?
  • qIT security/firewall issues
  • qLack of good graphic cards in work computers
  • qSteep learning curve for users
  • qUsability an obstacle?
  • qCost of building good simulation environments
  • qThese environments may introduce too much “noise”—become “over stimulating”
  • qMay lead to excessive focus on graphics, realism of visuals, and technology instead of learning effectiveness and outcomes—too much “gloss” at cost of learning experience?


[Source: elearningforum]


April 20, 2007 - Posted by | education, elearning, second life, technology, videos

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