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Convergence of KM and elearning

While Knowledge Management attempts to ensure that the survival of the organization is guaranteed by capturing the knowledge of its employees,

e-learning attempts to ensure that the employees can quickly retrieve the knowledge that they require and to help them grow as individuals.

Organizations and its employees are synergic in nature, for when one grows, the other grows. On the other hand, if one or the other fails to grow, then it most certainly means failure for both in today’s competitive environment.

Let’s look at this scenario:
People leave organizations, and with them they take years of knowledge and skills. The day a person says he/she is leaving the organization, their job should immediately change from performing ‘duties and tasks’ to capturing what they know so that the organization and their successor know what they are doing and how to do it. Even better yet, the organization should capture the skills and knowledge before a person even considers leaving. This would be the convergence of ‘e learning’ and ‘Knowledge Management’.

Is it only a paradigm need of the Organisation and its human resources? The answer is a definite No. The e Learning concept has been channelised by many organizations as independent revenue sources by providing its customers the end-to-end support to elicit better performances by using its applications.

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